Meesha Shafi was not sentenced to three years in prison.

It is clear from the court order issued one day before that the legal proceedings have not progressed to the point where a verdict would be declared.


The Indian manufactured AstraZeneca doses were neither expired nor returned

In the video of the Health Minister’s address attached in the article, it is clear that he says “I wish to put again on record that the doses of the vaccine, the AstraZeneca vaccine have not expired. The expiry date is still a few weeks away and is on April 31st” which further disproves the claim that vaccine doses delivered had expired and were therefore returned back to India.


MPA Shamim Akhtar is not Nawaz Sharif’s mother.

Nawas Sharif’s mother died on November 22, 2020. Following her death, a twitter user claimed that she had served as a Member of the Provincial Assembly of Punjab in the past. Basic Fact Check confirmed that MPA Shamim Akhtar who who was a member of the Punjab Assembly in the time period 2013-2018 was not Nawaz Sharif’s mother.


Pakistan has not left India behind in software exports

Basic Fact Check found this to be misleading. Pakistan has indeed experienced a 40% increase in terms of software exports but India’s export revenue in the comparative time period referred to in the article in check was 122 times more than Pakistan’s.